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Despite the fact that mortgage lenders across the country have tighten their lending guidelines, raised minimum credit score requirements and slightly increased the average home buyer's needed down payment, the American dream of home ownership is still in reach to millions of potential home buyers, says James N. Rivers author of the new book “You Can Achieve The American Dream...With The Right Keys”.

While some are sitting on the sideline waiting for the nightly news to inform them that the good-old-days of easy-money to finance your dream home are back and that the floodgates are open; others are discovering that in the mist of the tail-end of America's economic recession and the brink of America's current financial recovery, that now is actual one of the best times in recent history to become a homeowner. Due to fallen home prices, historically low interest rates, and the current over supply of available homes, many people who would have been turned down not that long ago for too high of debt-to-income ratios are now holding the keys to their new dream home in their hands.

Millions of potential homeowners have put their dream of purchasing a home on hold due to the misconception that mortgage lenders are not approving anyone unless they have a 700 plus credit score and a large down payment. The untold story is that there are several loan programs designed to increase and promote home ownership for people with less than perfect credit and those that only have a small down payment or even no down payment at all. There are millions of prospective home buyer that are unaware that the American dream of home ownership is not only still in reach, but it is actually at the tip of their fingers, all they have to do is grab it, but instead they defer their dreams and sit and hope of one day becoming a homeowner, says James N. Rivers.

In his new book “You Can Achieve The American Dream...With The Right Keys” he list several loan programs that are ideal for anyone that is dreaming of one day becoming a homeowner. One of the loan programs listed in his book is a loan program for prospective home buyers that have paid their bills on time, can provide a good employment history, but their credit scores are in the mid five hundreds to the low six hundreds. What is surprising to many is that this loan program offers a low interest fix rate and only requires a small down payment.

Another loan program that few know of is ideal for anyone who wants to purchase a previously foreclosure home at a deep discount, because the loan allows the home buyer to combine the cost of any needed repairs with the purchase price into one mortgage. A home buyer that could have only dreamed of buying let's say a $200,000 dollar home not that long ago, can now purchase that same home at a 25% to 40 % discount depending on the market. That same home today could sell for $120,000 to $150,000 dollars, now making that home affordable.

Many first-time home buyers do not know where to start, so they continue to rent month-after-month and year-after-year. No one teaching you in school how to purchase your first home or what most mortgage lenders are looking for when reviewing your loan application. James advises in his book, that you should never apply for a mortgage unless you know what that lender's requirements are. If the loan that you are applying for has a minimum credit score requirement of 620 and you know that your score is 619, you should focus on improving your credit score before applying for the loan. Your mortgage application could be denied simply because your credit score did not meet the minimum requirement or you could be approved, but at a much higher interest rate and be required to make a much larger down payment.

You Can Achieve The American Dream...With The Right Keys is a step-by-step guide that not only explains what mortgage lenders are looking for when approving a prospective home buyer for a mortgage, but if also list actual loan programs for the prospective home buyer and provides straightforward advice on how to avoid the many pitfalls that have caused millions of families to lose their homes to foreclosure. Chapter one of his book “Keys To Avoiding Your American Dream From Becoming A Mortgage Nightmare” should be required reading for everyone that is purchasing their first home or anyone purchasing a home after losing their home to foreclosure.

James states that one of the most common reasons why many new homeowners face the possibility of losing their homes is because they did not do their home work prior to sitting down with their mortgage company and they accepted the first loan program that they were offered. This book is not only for prospective home buyers, says James N.Rivers but if you are a current homeowner that needs torefinance your home, you are wondering how to get your mortgage company to approve you for a loan modification, or if you need toget rid of a an adjustable rate mortgage to avoid foreclosure or to simply lower your interest rate to save money, this book is full of useful insight and information on how to get your lender to say yes... you are approved, even if you owe more than your home is currently worth. Millions of homeowners are giving up and walking away for their homes because they are simply unaware of the many different loan programs and options that are available to them, which are designed to help homeowners keep their homes.

Chapter 13 and 14 of his book list many loan programs and options that most at risk homeowners have never heard of. There is actually a loan program that allows a homeowner that has missed several mortgage payments to borrow the amount needed to bring their mortgage current at “zero percent interest” and with no increase to their current monthly mortgage payment.

If your desire is to purchase your dream home, refinance your current home, or to avoid the nightmare of foreclosure, “You Can Achieve The American Dream...With The Right Keys” is a must read. What is great about the book is that it is to the point with 120 pages of seldom shared, straightforward information on how the mortgage approval process works and it actually gives the reader an easy to follow step-by-step guide on how to achieve or to simply hold on to their homes. The American dream is still in reach to millions, all they have to do now is reach for it and then grab it.

James N. Rivers has worked in the mortgage, real estate and down payment grant industry for over 20 years. He has help thousands to become homeowners, refinance their homes and avoid the heart break of foreclosure. James publishes a members only newsletter on his website and provides free seminars to prospective and at risk homeowners. He currently works for one of the nations most respected banking and mortgage companies. You can purchase his new book at major book sellers across the country and at the website

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