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"As a child growing up, I remember my mother and grandmother talking about one day owning a home. However, the years went by and their hopes and dreams were never fulfilled. I never have forgotten about growing up in that shotgun duplex and listening to my mother and grandmother talking about one day owning a nice home in a good neighborhood. I hope that the information shared in the following pages can help others dreams come ture".

My purpose and what I hope to achieve in writing this book are threefold.

Number one being, I hope that the information shared in this book in some way can help one million families fulfill their dreams of becoming home owners.

Number two, I am optimistic to believe that the information provided informs and encourages current home owners to refinance or modify their high interest mortgages to lower more affordable interest rates and monthly payments.

Number three, I trust that the insight, keys and resources highlighted in the following pages will provide real answers and solutions to the millions of home owners that are facing the possibility of losing their homes.

Over the past 20 years James Rivers has assisted in making the dreams of thousands of families a reality. His clients range from families on fixed incomes who needed a mortgage to purchase a $40,000 home to professional athletes and entertainers in need of financing to purchase multi-million dollar homes.

James often recounts assisting one of his first families with buying their very first home. It was the home that the family had driven by and dreamed of one day owning. Their dream came true. Although, the economic climate and the mortgage industry has changed over the years, James Rivers’ passion for helping people obtain the mortgage financing that best fits their needs has not. In his book “You Can Achieve The American Dream…With The Right Keys” he shares his wealth of knowledge and insight in a very straight forward and honest approach.

After reading his book you will have in insider’s view of how the mortgage approval process works, and you’ll know what it takes to get your mortgage company to say yes. Most importantly you will have the keys on how to achieve and hold on to the American Dream of home ownership.